Melnikovin Talo -The Melnikov House

Authors: Rinnekangas, Rax (ohj.)
Publishing company: Bad Taste Ltd
Published: 2007
Languages: English, Finnish
Product type: CD and DVD publications
Additional information: DVD
Series: Maailman Viisi Mestaritaloa/Five Master Houses of the World
ISBN: 978-952-5850-13-0
28 € (inc. vat)

Product description

The world famous architect Konstantin Melnikov (1890 – 1974) designed his utopian home, an icon of modern architecture, in the centre of Moscow in the late 1920’s. When Joseph Stalin prohibited modern architecture in Soviet Union, Melnikov was denied his right to work as an architect and was in practise placed under house arrest for years. This film tells the amazing story of the Melnikov House and the fate of an architect imprisoned in his utopian house.

Five Master Houses of the World – series. Picture format: 16 / 9. PAL Region 2. Duration 58 minutes. Spoken language Finnish, Subtitles English.