Versatile information for professional use, study, home-building, and hobbies

Rakennustieto Oy´s (Building Information Ltd) online shop and bookstores have a plentiful and versatile range of books and information service products. There are plenty of books and information services for building professionals and students, covering construction and building services, building contracts, interior decoration, building management, and infrastructure construction. In addition, home-builders and renovators will find a great number of construction, interior design, and gardening books. We also have publications for hobbyists and travellers.

You can familiarise yourself with our products and purchase or collect them in our bookstores, as well, without handling fees. We have bookshops in two cities in Finland: Helsinki and Kuopio and in addition a sales office in Tampere.

The online shop support pages give you information on finding products, subscriptions, payments, and returns, as well as the general terms of delivery and payment. We hope you find what you are looking for! For more information, contact our bookstores or customer service staff.

We wish you pleasant shopping in the world of good books and information service products.


  1. Use the directory tree, our product lists, or the Search function to find the desired product.
  2. Searches can be filtered by product category and various other criteria. You can narrow the search in several ways at once.
  3. Select the product, and click Buy or Buy e-book.
  4. When you have added all products you want to the basket, click Order products.
  5. Then, fill in your contact information and select a payment and delivery method. Your contact information is added to the form automatically from our files if you are a registered user logged in to the service. If the information for the order differs from what has been pre-completed, correct it here.*
  6. Confirm your order.
  7. Once you have confirmed the order, the browser displays a ‘Thank you for your order’ message. We also send confirmation and download link to you by e-mail.

* The contact information in the customer register is not automatically updated from the details supplied in the order. To update the details in our customer register, use a change-of-address form or e-mail the new details to

Customer Service personnel will help you with any problems.
E-mail address:
Telephone: +358 207 476 400 (business days from 9am to 4pm)

Rakennustieto Oy
P.O. Box 1004
FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland


1. About the Online shop is registered under the Rakennustieto Oy (Rakennustieto) business ID, 0113188-9, for Online shop (in these terms, ‘online shop’) operations. The Online shop offers diverse books and information especially for the construction industry, including electronic content, software, and information service products. The selection is constantly updated.

In addition to the Online shop, Rakennustieto has two physical bookstores, in Helsinki and Kuopio. However, the Online shop's selection is more extensive than theirs, so not all products are available directly from bookstores. There may also be differences in price between the Online shop and physical outlets. In addition, bookstores’ selections vary by location.

2. Customers

A customer (‘the Customer’ in these terms and conditions) may be a business, association, or adult private individual. In addition to the general terms of the Online shop, the Finnish Consumer Protection Act applies, with the latter taking precedence if there is a contradiction.

The Customer has the right to use the Online shop and place orders in accordance with the general terms of the Online shop (i.e., the Terms of Agreement).

3. Registering

Both registered and unregistered customers can make purchases via the Online shop. Registration is optional and free of charge. However, use of certain products requires registration. More information about the benefits of registering is available at  online shop support.

4. The agreement

The agreement between the Customer and Rakennustieto (‘the Agreement’) comes into force when the user registers with the Online shop or purchases a product through it. In these terms, ‘Product’ refers to any item sold by the Online shop.

The Terms of Agreement are applied to trade carried out between Rakennustieto and its customers via the Online shop. Any more specific terms and campaign terms take precedence over the Terms of Agreement. Rakennustieto and the Customer may agree in writing to exceptions and/or greater detail with respect to the above-mentioned terms, in which case said agreement has precedence.

The order of precedence applied to the documents is as follows:

  1. Agreement
  2. Specific terms
  3. Campaign terms
  4. Terms of Delivery and Payment
  5. Price list


5. Products, including electronic content and information service products

The Customer can purchase products from the Online shop, including books, magazines, information files, and software on CD. These are referred to hereinafter as ‘Products’. Customers can also purchase and download electronic content (‘Content’) – i.e., digital files, such as e-books, e-cards, and software delivered electronically.

In addition, the Customer can purchase information services (user licences or user interfaces) at the Online shop. Before being allowed to use an information service product, the Customer must enter into a licensing agreement with Rakennustieto. Furthermore, information service products are covered by their own terms (referred to as the general terms for information service products).

Rakennustieto has the right to organise the Online shop in the way it deems best and to change the Content and Products available at the Online shop or remove some of these items without notice.

6. Ordering

Products are ordered on the Internet at by means of a ‘shopping basket’ system. Detailed ordering instructions can be found at online shop support.

Before making a purchase, the Customer must become familiar with the Online shop's current general terms (i.e., the Terms of Agreement). By submitting a purchase, the Customer acknowledges having become familiar with the Terms of Agreement, accepting them, and committing to adherence to them. Customers can also familiarise themselves with the Terms of Agreement beforehand at terms of delivery and payment.

For customers who receive invoices or have an account with us, Rakennustieto has the right to check the Customer's credit information and to refuse an order on the basis thereof.

7. Payments

Rakennustieto reserves the right to change the Online shop's prices, campaigns, and discounts or delivery costs without advance notice. Changes in prices apply to new orders. The price of pending orders is the price that was in force when the order was placed. Prices include VAT.

Detailed payment instructions can be found at online shop support.

8. Delivery

Delivery time for Products in Finland takes about a week. Depending on the destination country, delivery outside Finland takes 2–3 weeks, provided that the product is not temporarily out of stock. Orders are subject to delivery fees, which include shipping and handling.

Our current delivery fees and more detailed delivery information can be found at online shop support.

Content is delivered to the Customer electronically immediately when the order is placed. Shipping and handling costs do not apply for items that are in the Content category. Delivery is made by e-mailing a download link to the Customer once the order is completed.

9. Downloading and using Content

When Content is delivered to a Customer, the Customer is responsible for saving the Content. However, customers registered with the Online shop can re-fetch Content that they have purchased. Since Rakennustieto can change the selection of the Online shop or remove Content previously purchased by a Customer such that it is no longer available, it is recommended that the Customer carefully save the Content for future use after download.

More detailed instructions for downloading and use of Content are available at online shop support.

10. Order cancellation and Product returns

We at Rakennustieto hope that if a Customer wants to provide feedback about a Product or return it, the Customer will first contact Customer Service. Detailed contact information is available at Contact Information. This enables us to find a satisfactory solution for the Customer and to consider the Customer's needs more carefully in future. If, after contacting Customer Service, the Customer still wants to return the Product, his or her feedback is noted also, for future use. Rakennustieto offers all Customers cancellation and return terms that conform to the online-sales regulations of the Finnish Consumer Protection Act

When ordering books or other printed products (i.e., Products), the Customer has 14 days from receipt of the first product to cancel the order. More detailed instructions about cancellation and returns at the Online shop can be found at online shop support. The page also includes instructions for providing customer feedback.

When one orders software delivered on a CD or similar storage media that are sealed, the product can no longer be returned after the seal is broken. If the seal is intact, the cancellation and return periods are the same as those for ordering of Products.

Customers cannot return electronic content purchased via the Online shop (e.g., e-books or software downloaded electronically), as it consists of digital files, and an order for these cannot be cancelled, since it is filled instantly. An order is final when the Customer has completed the order and has been sent a link for download of the digital file.

Customers also do not have the right to cancel or return information service products ordered from the Online shop. Additionally, Customers forfeit the right of cancellation or return if they have entered into a licence agreement with Rakennustieto and have received the login credentials necessary for use of the information services.

11. Safety of ordering

Rakennustieto keeps all customer information completely confidential. Information provided during ordering and registration is confidential. Rakennustieto does not disclose the information to third parties except to the extent allowed by law. An example of when disclosure is allowed is the case of checking the Customer's credit record.

Network connectivity to the Online shop is protected by a firewall, and user information is encrypted.

Credit- and bank-card payments to the Online shop are handled safely by means of the financial institution's SSL-secured payment site. Rakennustieto  does not have access to credit-card or bank-card information or save such information in its IT systems. Our Online shop uses the international verification services Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode to verify the identity of cardholders.

12. Intangible rights and copyright protection

Copyrights and other intangible rights of the Online shop and its Products, software, Content, and information service products belong to Rakennustieto and/or third parties.

Products, Content, software, and information service products sold through Rakennustieto´s Online shop are intended for the Customer's own use. Customers do not have the right to copy, forward, or publicly present/use Products, Content, software, or information service products in whole or in part except by separate agreement and within the limits allowed by its terms, other applicable terms, and copyright laws.

Access-control technology is used to protect copyrights and Content. The provider of this technology is responsible for the functionality of the protective measures. The access control is meant to prevent the unauthorised use and copying of Content. Access control may also be used to limit the lawful use of Content, by, for example, limiting the number of pages or the times that Content can be copied, and by limiting the quantity of data that can be copied to the user's clipboard.

Customers do not have the right to disable access-control-based protection of Content. Circumventing content-protection technologies and thus enabling unauthorised use of Content is a crime. The Customer acknowledges that the content-protection technologies enable tracking of Content and linking it to the Customer.

13. Data security

Rakennustieto registers information provided by the Customer during registration. Rakennustieto can also register other data about customers within the limits of the Finnish Personal Data Act. Customer data can be used for purposes related to the Online shop, market research, and targeting Rakennustieto's and its business partners' advertising and direct marketing through Rakennustieto's Web site or other communication channels and services as long as said data are not disclosed to an outside party. Rakennustieto may link Customer data to authentication data in Content and may store said data.

To exercise customers' and Rakennustieto's rights and responsibilities, Rakennustieto may access the Customer's personal identity code within the limits of the Finnish Personal Data Act. Rakennustieto does not save the Customer's personal identity code in its personal data file.

Rakennustieto has the right to terminate and prevent use of the Online shop and network connectivity immediately and without prior notice and to remove material that violates the law, other official regulations, good practice, or the Terms of Agreement.

Rakennustieto has the right to change a Customer's username and password if they are not unique within Rakennustieto's IT systems or cause other conflicts. Rakennustieto will notify the Customer of the changes.

14. Cookies

Cookies are commonly used in online commerce. They are small identification files exchanged between a server and the visitor’s computer during a session. Cookies do not damage users’ computers or files.

Your browser must accept cookies in order for login and use of the shopping-basket functionality to operate properly. Customers can block cookies by changing their browser settings such that the browser does not allow saving cookies but accept that doing so may affect the functionality of the Online shop; e.g., making purchases may not succeed.

Cookies enable gathering information about how and when the Online shop is used. The purpose of our use of cookies is to aid in analysis and identification of possible improvements to the Online shop. In addition, the Online shop’s provider and its business partners may utilise cookies for statistical monitoring of the number of visitors to the Online shop. Said provider and partners may also use information gathered through cookies to target advertising to the Customer's interests.

15. Customer responsibilities

When registering with the Online shop, the Customer receives a unique username and password, which the Customer must carefully store. Customers are responsible for preventing the use of their usernames and passwords by others and are held responsible for transactions carried out with their usernames and passwords. Giving a username and password to a third party is prohibited.

Use of the Online shop and the download and use of Content require compatible devices, software, and network connectivity, which customers must arrange for themselves. Customers may incur various charges, such as network connectivity costs, as specified in the Customer's agreements with Internet service providers and others. The Customer is responsible for these costs.

Customers are responsible for the data security of their computers, information systems, and other devices. Customers are responsible for damage to Rakennustieto, other users, or third parties caused by any insufficient data security on the Customer's part and introduction of viruses or similar threats into the data network, whether intentionally or unintentionally, along with the resulting troubleshooting costs.

Customers are responsible for ensuring that their use of the Online shop does not disrupt or violate the rights of other users, Rakennustieto, or third parties. If, through gross negligence or violation of the Terms of Agreement, or via violation of laws, official regulations, or good practice, a Customer damages Rakennustieto or its reputation, the Customer is responsible for the direct and indirect damages to Rakennustieto.

16. Rakennustieto's responsibilities and limitation of liability

Rakennustieto is not responsible for information in Content or for the functionality or features of software or other materials purchased via the Online shop that are delivered by a third party. Responsibility lies with the party holding the copyright to the Content and materials.

Rakennustieto is not responsible the functionality of devices or software used by the Customer or for their compatibility with the Online shop. Rakennustieto is not responsible for applications related to use of Content or software or for changes related to protection of Content that are made unilaterally by a third party.

Under no circumstances does Rakennustieto's responsibility extend to the operations, data network, or other elements of functionality of a third party or to their possible effects on the functionality of the Online shop. Rakennustieto does not guarantee uninterrupted functionality of the Online shop. Rakennustieto is not responsible for direct or indirect damage caused by any malicious programs (viruses, worms, etc.) that may be contained in the Online shop's products.

Rakennustieto is responsible only for direct damage to a Customer caused by Rakennustieto itself. Rakennustieto commits, when possible, to re-deliver Content if an error occurred while it was being downloaded causing it to change or be lost, or if the Customer is unable to open the Content or use it for its intended purpose. Where re-delivery is not possible, Rakennustieto's responsibility is limited to the purchase price of the Content. The terms stated in this section also apply to Products delivered by post if the possible loss or malfunction of the Product was caused by an error on the part of Rakennustieto.

Under no circumstances shall Rakennustieto be responsible to the Customer for indirect damage or damage caused by free Products, software, Content, or information service products, with respect to matters that are the responsibility of the Customer or a third party, or for minor defects. Rakennustieto is not responsible for indirect damages caused by defective products or delayed delivery.

17. Force majeure

Neither Rakennustieto nor its customers shall be held responsible for compensation for delays or damages caused in whole or in part by force majeure. Force majeure includes natural disasters (e.g., storms and floods), strikes or lockouts, riots, military action, fire or explosion, electrical or data-network outages, and comparable events.

If a delay in fulfilling an obligation under the Agreement is caused by force majeure, the time frame for fulfilment of the obligation shall be extended, within reason, to the time necessary for recovery from the effects of the event in question.

18. Duration and ending of the agreement

An agreement between Rakennustieto  and the Customer is established when the Customer registers or places an order with the Online shop. A long-term agreement is not established with an unregistered customer; the Agreement ends when the parties have fulfilled their obligations.

A registered customer’s information remains in Rakennustieto's customer data file for a non-fixed time, and Rakennustieto has the right to terminate the agreement, void the status of the Customer, and remove the data from the file without prior notice. The customer data file is a register of persons in that it contains information about natural persons. Customers may at any time request that Rakennustieto remove their information from the customer data file, which also terminates the Agreement. In addition, each customer always has the right to inspect his or her own information in Rakennustieto's personal data file. More detailed information about the personal data file and the right to inspect it can be found at personal data file description.

19. Termination of the agreement

If a customer knowingly uses the Online shop for purposes that violate the law or good practice and thus damages Rakennustieto's reputation, Rakennustieto has a right to terminate the Agreement. Termination is effective immediately.

20. Amendments to the Agreement

Rakennustieto has the right to change the Terms of Agreement at any time by notifying customers of the change by e-mail, by post, or on its Web site. The changes will become effective immediately but always in such a way that the terms applicable at the time of ordering are still applied.

21. Transfer of the Agreement

Rakennustieto has the right to transfer the Agreement within its business group or to a new owner of the company, even if the transfer of business operations is to affect only some of the company’s operations. Customers do not have the right to transfer the Agreement without the consent of Rakennustieto.

22. Disputes

Efforts will be made to resolve any disputes between Rakennustieto and a customer arising from the Agreement through negotiations. If resolution cannot be reached, the case may be brought before the District Court of Helsinki. The consumer has a right to file suit before the district court with jurisdiction over the consumer's place of residence. A consumer may also bring the case before the Board of Consumer Complaints for resolution.

Finnish law shall be applied to all disputes arising in connection with the Agreement.

23. Other terms and conditions

Rakennustieto will send written notifications with respect to this agreement to the last invoicing address or e-mail address provided by the Customer to Rakennustieto.  Customers must notify Rakennustieto without delay of any changes in their contact information.

Rakennustieto Oy
P.O. Box 1004
FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland


Adobe ID

Adobe ID is a free access-control system maintained by Adobe Systems Incorporated. By means of a user ID, users can open copyright-protected e-books to which the ID in question confers access rights. A single Adobe ID can be used simultaneously with no more than five devices. If you no longer use a device, it is worthwhile to relinquish the access rights for that particular device.


Android is an operating system designed for mobile devices that also includes middleware and basic software. Android is based on open source code that includes work by Android, Inc., a concern later purchased by Google. Android is currently the most significant smartphone operating system on the market. Another significant operating system is iOS, developed by Apple.


ePub is a file format for e-books developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). The file format is platform-independent, and its formatting is handled primarily by the device and software used for reading. Alongside PDF files, ePub is now a nearly standard format for e-books.


DRM stands for ‘digital rights management’, a general term for technologies used to regulate use of digital products after sale. By using DRM, a content provider can limit forwarding, copying, and saving of digital content. Adobe's DRM technology is used to protect Rakennustieto's e-books, and users are authenticated through Adobe ID.


iOS is an operating system for mobile devices that was developed by Apple and is used by the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The operating system is designed specifically for touchscreen displays. iOS is the most widely used smartphone operating system after Android.


An e-reader is a portable device that can be used to read and manage e-books. These devices are designed primarily for reading e-books and have more limited features than tablets do. The software for reading e-books is pre-installed on the e-reader.

Reader software

Reader software is an application installed on a computer or tablet for reading e-books. For more information about reader software, see ‘Devices and software’.


PDF is an abbreviation for ‘Portable Document Format’. PDF is an application-independent file format developed by Adobe and widely used in electronic publishing. PDF files can be used for sending print-ready files with all formatting embedded. PDF and ePub are the most common publishing formats for e-books.


Tablets are light, portable touchscreen computers. The tablet that currently offers the most applications on the market is Apple's iPad. Tablets and smartphones overlap greatly in their operating systems, such as iOS and Android. Tablets are significantly more multifaceted than e-readers and can be used for nearly everything that can be done on a standard computer – and often even more, thanks to the touchscreen display. Reader software for e-books must be installed on the tablet by the user.


Use of Rakennustieto's information services requires acceptance of a licence agreement. Contact Sales or Customer Service.



Register information according to the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/99), Article 10, about Building Information Ltd's web services.

Register controller

Building Information Ltd
Malminkatu 16 A

Person register administered by

Heimo Salo

Use of personal data

Personal data will be used to manage and maintain the customer relations between Building Information Ltd and the customers of Building Information Ltd's web services, and to monitor the use and control any misuse of the web services as well as to plan and develop the functionality of the web services.

Description of the group of registered persons

The person register contains personal data about persons who have registered as users of Building Information Ltd' web services.

Description of the data and data groups pertaining to registered persons.

The person register contains the following data and data groups:

Personal data
- first and last name
- contact details (such as address, email, telephone number and other contact details)
- title or profession
- user ID

Data pertaining to use of service
- time and frequency of service use
- length of session
- pages sought in the service
- used and ordered individual services and products

Register data sources

The register collects data submitted by registered persons as well as data saved during service use of the registered user pertaining to use of the service.

Regular disclosure of data

Personal data in the register is not disclosed to outsiders.

Register protection principles

The register is kept in a data system that can only be accessed by Building Information Ltd employees who need to use the data system in order to carry out their work tasks. The data system is protected by means of user ID and password.

Right of inspection

The registered person has the right at any time to inspect the data registered about him/her by Building Information Ltd. Requests concerning the inspection of data should be sent to the address:

Rakennustieto Oy
Heimo Salo
PO Box 1004
FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland


The building bookstore in Helsinki and the RT bookstores in the various cities together form the largest specialist bookstore chain in Finland in the field of construction, architecture and real estate management.

The staff of our bookstores also provide assistance with issues related to the online shop. Feel free to ask us more!

Our e-mail addresses are in the following format:

Helsinki RT Bookstore

  • Visiting address: Runeberginkatu 5, 00100 Helsinki, Entrance from Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 12, street level
  • Business hours: Mon.–Fri., 9am to 5pm
  • Store manager: Mirja Ahlstedt, tel. +358 207 476 431
  • Sales secretary: Pirjo Nurmi, puh. 0207 476 311
  • Sales secretary: Tarja Etelämäki, puh. 0207 476 432

Kuopio’s RT bookstore

  • Visiting address: Kauppakatu 40-42, 70110 Kuopio
  • Business hours: Mon.–Fri., 9am to 5pm
  • Manager: Eva Petsalo, tel. +358 207 476 494
  • Sales secretary: Lea Kaislasuo, tel. +358 207 476 494

Rakennustieto Tampere

  • Address: Sammonkatu 52, 33540 Tampere
  • Sales Manager: Pasi Pulakka, tel. +358 40 771 0330


1. Ways of ordering and why to register

You can use the Online shop with or without registering. For deliveries, we only need your name, street address, and postal code. Non-registered customers pay for purchases by means of online banking or a credit card.

Registration is free of charge. When registering, you complete a form with your contact details and choice of personal user ID. A password is created automatically and sent to you by e-mail, along with confirmation of the user ID. You also select the category describing you best: professional, student, vocational school, or retailer.

What are the benefits of registering?

  • Ordering is easier when the user is logged in, as contact information is added to the order form automatically each time.
  • Your shopping basket has a ‘memory’, so you can exit the Online shop while shopping and return later without losing the items you have placed in the basket.
  • Elements of some product ranges are geared specifically for students and educational institutions, with special pricing also.
  • You get special offers on products.
  • You have a record of your purchase history. You can use the ID to access Rakennustieto’s online services (you must obtain the necessary licences for these services separately).

You can also log in to the Online shop with login credentials for Rakennustieto's online services (RT Net, LVI Net, Ratu Net, KH Net, Infra Net, Klara Net, Sopimuslomake Net, or the Rakentajain kalenteri online service). When logging in with a company's credentials you can access the company's purchase history with the Online shop. A company's credentials are managed by the company's primary user.

Contact information provided by the registered customer who is logged in is displayed automatically in the order form. The information on the order form can be changed, but these changes are not automatically made in the customer data file. If you want to change your information permanently, send your new information by using a change-of-address form or send e-mail to

2. Product search

Quick search

Quick search is readily accessible from anywhere in the service. It searches all product information in the Online shop.

Advanced search

Advanced search allows you to find products that the quick search does not find or refine your results flexibly. Also, you can limit the search results by product type, or view them in a different order. Advanced search is on a separate page, with further options for specifying more detailed search criteria. You can combine several criteria.

The fields are the name of the publication, the author, the publisher, the year of publication, keywords, series, ID (card or form ID), product type (book, e-book, CD/DVD publication, software, card file / information service, guide / regulation card, agreement document, magazine, or device / office supply), language, product group, and ISBN.

3. Placing an order

Products are ordered on the Internet at by means of a ‘shopping basket’.

Filling in the order form

Complete the fields of the form. It is possible to specify a delivery address that differs from the invoicing address for the order. The invoicing data of registered customers are automatically shown in the order form.

Acceptance of the general terms of the Online shop

Before submitting an order, the orderer must accept the Online shop's order and delivery terms.

Subscribing to Rakennustieto’s newsletters

Ordering newsletters from Rakennustieto is well worth your while. The newsletters provide information on the latest publications and current events in the construction and real-estate fields. Before submitting an order, orderers are offered a chance to subscribe to the bookstore newsletter, to be sent to them by e-mail. The contact information is used only for Rakennustieto’s communication purposes. We do not disclose the information to any third parties. You can use the same form for cancelling an order, by notifying us in the ‘More details’ section. Subscribe to our newsletter >

4. Pricing

General information

Prices are shown in the Online shop’s interface. In addition, there may be advance-purchase or discount prices for products. Unless otherwise specified campaign-specifically, the costs of shipping and handling are always added to orders (except electrically delivered e-products).

Information service prices

The RT Net, Infra Net, LVI Net, SIT Net, Ratu Net, and KH Net services; Klara Net; RT Tuotetieto (open to anyone); and Sopimuslomake Net are online information services for construction and real-estate professionals. Use of the services requires obtaining user credentials. Read more about information services for professionals.

Online shop prices usually include a set-up or licensing fee for the service. Usage and upgrade fees for subscriptions are invoiced after ordering, at four-month, six-month, or one-year intervals, depending on the product. Use of online information services requires a user licence agreement. Our Customer Service personnel will draw up the agreement and send it to you for signature after receiving the order.

Single-user licences

User licences are granted to specifically named users. You are free to decide upon the number of users.

Group licences

A group licence permits a specified number of users to be logged in at the same time (minimum: three users).

Group licences based on IP address authentication

IP address authentication enables users to log in to a service without specific user credentials. The Customer indicates the IP address of the computer(s) for authentication. IP-address-based authentication is not included in the online service licence and is provided at an additional charge.

Rakennustieto's bookstore personnel can also help you with purchasing information services. Find out more.

Campaign and discount codes

Add the products you want to the basket. Proceed to the basket, and enter the campaign code in the space indicated. Complete the order. Only one campaign code may be applied per order.


5. Paying for an order

Purchases of Products or software via the Online shop can be paid for through online banking, a credit card, an invoice for business customers or those with a bookstore-specific account agreement, or C.O.D. Prices and all postage and handling fees are based on the price list in force at the time the order is placed.

If the order includes any Content, the payment methods accepted are online banking and credit cards only. Customers who have already purchased an information service product from Rakennustieto can enter into a separate invoicing agreement. Registered customers, business customers, and customers with an account-specific agreement may also pay against an invoice, which requires entering into an invoicing agreement.


Paytrail Oyj (FI2122839) provides netbank related payment transfer services in co-operation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. For consumer the service works exactly the same way as traditional web payments.

Payments with Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard

Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) acts as an implementer of the payment handling service and as a Payment Service Provider in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. In payments made with Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard Paytrail Oyj will be shown as the recipient in the invoice and Paytrail Oyj will forward the payment to the merchant.
Paytrail Oyj is an authorized Payment Institution.

Paytrail Oyj, business ID 2122839-7
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Phone: +358 207 181830

6. Confirming your order

Orders are confirmed by an e-mail message, which lists the products purchased, the total purchase price, and the delivery fee. Order confirmation requires that an e-mail address be provided when you place the order.

Order confirmation is also sent to customers after a successful online transaction with the Online shop. If an online transaction fails (e.g., payment is interrupted), an error page appears, which provides instructions, along with Rakennustieto's contact information: e-mail or telephone +358 207 476 400 (on business days, 9am–4pm).

7. Delivery


Orders paid for via online banking are delivered by post. Other orders from businesses/associations and private individuals will be delivered C.O.D. Customers with an agreement in place will be sent an invoice (term of payment: 14 days, net). Content is always delivered electronically.

Delivery methods and costs

Orders are delivered in an Itella Economy 16 package or letter. Customers receive an arrival notice for Itella Economy 16 packages.

Expedited delivery
Customers with agreements can also select a faster delivery method, such as Itella Express Business Day 14, which must be specified in the order form’s field for additional information. Delivery fees vary by delivery method.

Content is delivered by sending of a download link to the Customer when the order has been completed.

Delivery costs

  • Domestic post – shipping and handling will be added to the price of the order, with the charge starting at €6,70
  • By post to a foreign address – shipping and handling will be added to the price of the order, with the charge starting at €19
  • Prepaid post – shipping and handling will be added to the price of the order, with the charge starting at €6
  • Shipping and handling includes all postal and packing costs.
  • Shipping and handling fees do not apply to Content.

Delivery time

The delivery time for Products within Finland is approximately one week. Depending on the destination country, delivery outside Finland takes 2–3 weeks, provided that the product ordered is not temporarily out of stock.

Content is delivered to the Customer electronically as soon as the order is completed.

8. Cancellations and returns

We hope that if a Customer wants to provide feedback about a Product or return it, the Customer will first contact Customer Service. Our contact information:

e-mail , telephone +358 207 476 400 (business days, 9pm–4pm) or by post

Rakennustieto Oy
Customer returns number 600105
P.O. Box 1004
FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland

Order cancellation and returns of non-defective products

IMPORTANT: The right to cancel or return purchases made via the Online shop depends on the product. When ordering books or other printed products (i.e., Products), the Customer has 14 days from receipt of the first product to cancel the order. The order may be cancelled within 14 days of receiving the Product by sending of a free-form notification (complaint) or by returning of the actual product (customer returns).

When a claim has been filed within the required time, actual return of the product may occur somewhat later. Rakennustieto considers a reasonable amount of time for the return to be 14 days from submission of the complaint. In this case, when returning a product, the Customer must mention when and how the claim was made. Rakennustieto retains the right to refuse returns after the 14-day period. This term is also applied if information about the claim is not included with the returned Product.

When one orders software delivered on CD/DVD or similar storage media whose package is sealed, the product can no longer be returned once the seal is broken. If the seal is intact, the cancellation and return periods are the same as those for orders of Products. Customers cannot cancel or return Content purchased at the Online shop (e.g., e-books or downloaded software), as these are digital files; the order is final when the Customer has completed the order and been sent a link to download the digital file straight away.

Neither do customers have the right to cancel or return information services ordered from the Online shop. Furthermore, cancellations and returns are not allowed if a licence agreement has been made between the Customer and Rakennustieto and the Customer has received the login credentials necessary for use of the information service. Customers can also ask personnel with the Sales department for a Rakennustieto online service free-trial period, giving them time to consider whether the information service meets their needs before entering into a licence agreement.

By accepting the relevant terms of agreement when ordering a trial period, the customer acknowledges that no cancellation or return terms apply. This limitation is set by the Consumer Protection Act.

9. Customer returns

Customer returns of non-defective Products must be made within 14 days from receipt of the first Product delivery, except in the case of C.O.D. shipments. Returns must be made by post in the original package to the return address shown. If a separate claim notice is submitted within 14 days, the actual return may be made somewhat later but still within reasonable time. In this case, when returning a product, the Customer must mention when and how the claim was made. Rakennustieto considers 14 days after filing a claim to be a reasonable time.

Customers can return an item weighing less than 2 kg (letter class) by marking it ‘CUSTOMER RETURNS’ and writing Rakennustieto's Agreement code 600105 on the envelope and placing it in a post box. If the Customer wants a receipt, the return must be sent from a post office. If the return weighs more than 2 kg (package class), the Customer must send the package from a post office and fill out a Customer Returns 14 address card. The Customer is given one portion of the card as a receipt.

The following information must be provided with returns:

  • Customer number, name, address, and telephone number
  • Bank account number
  • A copy of the order confirmation

Return address:
Rakennustieto Oy
Customer returns number 600105
P.O. Box 1004
FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland

Refund of payments
When a return is accepted, a refund will be sent directly to the Customer's bank account after the return is received and processed. It is extremely important to include an account number with the return so that we can submit the refund to the Customer's bank account.

10. Defects and problems in transport

If a product is lost or damaged during delivery or the Customer has received the wrong product, the Customer must immediately report the error to , by telephone to +358 207 476 400 (business days, 9am–4pm), or by post:

Rakennustieto Oy
Customer returns number 600105
P.O. Box 1004
FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland

Notification of an error in delivery, such as delivery of the wrong product, must be made within 14 days of receipt of the product. If the Product does not arrive at all, this must be reported within reasonable time, no more than a few weeks. If the package was damaged in the post, a notification/claim in connection with the Product must be submitted immediately to the postal authority.

If the Product is defective, we ask that the Customer first call us at Rakennustieto so we can address the issue together. We recommend that you contact us as soon as you notice the defect in the Product, so that the nature of the defect can best be determined.

11. Safety of ordering

When you shop at the Online shop via a shared computer, it is important to log out from the Online shop when finished, by clicking Log out, in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Logging out ensures that others cannot access your customer data. We recommend also that you empty the browser's cache.

For users under 18, we require the consent of a parent or guardian to placement of an order. We will confirm that consent has been given – for example, by calling the parents or sending an enquiry by e-mail, post, or fax.

12. Purchasing electronic content (e-books)

  1. Select a Product from the e-books and e-cards section of the directory tree, or use the subject menu or Search function. 
  2. Before purchasing e-books for your computer, Adobe Digital Editions software must be installed and Adobe ID activated. Additional information and instructions (in Finnish).
  3. Register and log in at the Online shop. If, for example, you lose your e-book, as a registered user you can download it again from the Online shop. Registration is optional and free of charge.
  4. Select the e-book, and click Buy e-book. You can add numerous e-books to your basket and include other products in your order alongside them. E-books are also available at Rakennustieto's physical bookstores.
  5. Click Order products, and fill in the information as usual. The payment methods available for orders that include e-books are online banking, credit cards for registered users, and invoicing for business/agreement customers (subject to a separate invoicing agreement). If the order includes both e-books and other Products, select the delivery method for the other Products as usual.
  6. Confirm your order. After payment is confirmed an ‘Order received’ page will be displayed. This shows links for download of the e-books, below each book's name. The links will be also be sent to the e-mail address you specified in your login information. When you purchase e-books at our physical bookstores, a download link will be sent to you by e-mail.
  7. You can download the e-book by clicking on that link. You then can open the e-book with Adobe Digital Editions, on an e-reader, or with reader software on a tablet.
  8. If you registered for the service, you can also log in later and download the e-books you have purchased from your order history page.

Note: The contact information in the customer data file is not automatically updated with the details supplied in an order. You can update the details in the customer data file by submitting a change-of-address form or by sending the new details by e-mail to

Customer Service personnel will help you with any problems.
E-mail address:

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions (in Finnish)

13. Downloading, reading, and protecting electronic content (e-books, e-cards)

You can read e-books and e-cards from Rakennustieto's e-book service on an e-reader, computer, smartphone, and/or tablet. Adobe Digital Editions software, which you can download at no charge from Adobe's Web site, is needed before you can purchase, download, and read e-books on your computer and transfer them to an e-reader.

In addition to the Adobe Digital Editions reader software, you will need an activated Adobe ID. This ID is used to authenticate your computer and also serves as a personal ID associated with your e-books. When you purchase an e-book protected by Adobe DRM technology (Adobe ID) and click the download link, the e-book will be downloaded directly to the Adobe Digital Editions software, which you can use to read the e-book, make annotations, and manage your library.

If the e-book you purchased is not copyright-protected, an Adobe ID is not required. Rakennustieto's e-books are usually protected by copyright.

E-readers have the necessary reader software already installed, but an Adobe ID must be entered in the settings.

Free software is available for tablets. You can find examples under ‘E-book readers and software’. After installing the reader software, you will need to enter an Adobe ID in the settings.

Installation of Adobe Digital Editions software (in Finnish)

Protection of e-books

Rakennustieto's e-books are usually protected by Adobe DRM access-control technology, which protects against unauthorised use and copying. At Rakennustieto's Online shop, e-books are protected when purchased. The access-control technology is based on an Adobe ID code linked to the individual customer. An e-book linked to an Adobe ID can be opened only by means of that ID. Download links or e-book files cannot, for example, be opened by someone who has a different Adobe ID.

A protected e-book can be opened on no more than five separate devices with the same Adobe ID. If you no longer use a particular e-reader or computer, you must remove the Adobe ID authentication from that device and its software.

14. E-readers and software for electronic content (e-books, e-cards)

The basic requirements for compatibility of e-readers and reader software with Rakennustieto's e-book service is that they support ePub and PDF files, and also DRM access-control technology based on Adobe ID. Reader software and devices must support entry of an Adobe ID in their settings to authenticate the device for Adobe ID access-control technology.

Below are examples of devices and software that are directly compatible with Rakennustieto's e-books.

Compatible software

E-books can be read on all Windows and Macintosh computers with Adobe Digital Editions reader software installed. In addition, before opening an e-book, the user must specify an Adobe ID. Enter the Adobe ID in the software by going to ‘Library’ and ‘Authorize computer’.

A list of all e-readers that support Adobe DRM is available on Adobe's Web site.