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Aalto Beyond Finland - Projects, Buildings and Networks

Authors: Laaksonen, Esa; Micheli, Silvia, eds
Publishers: Alvar Aalto Foundation, Alvar Aalto Academy
Publishing company: Rakennustieto Oy
Published: 2018
Languages: English
Number of pages: 184
Product type: Books
Additional information: Soft back with folds, 165 x 235 mm
ISBN: 978-952-267-151-6
38,50 € (inc. vat)

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Alvar Aalto (1898–1976) was one of the most internationally oriented Finns of all time. He was skilled in networking and established enduring contacts with colleagues around the world already in the 1920s. During the Finnish Civil War, he had become acquainted with the Swedish architect Sten Branzell, through whom he made connections first with colleagues in Scandinavia. After attending the 1929 CIAM congress, Aalto built a worldwide professional network. There were always foreign architects working in Aalto’s office, where he was happy to welcome guests coming from other countries. Aalto’s field of action encompassed almost the entire world: he lectured extensively, participated successfully in architectural competitions and received numerous awards and commissions from abroad. Since then, there has never been any real competition in Finland to Aalto’s career abroad.
In this book, internationally renowned Aalto experts discuss Aalto’s work beyond Finland through his projects, buildings and networks. The critical essays are complemented by the list of all Aalto’s known international works and projects, as well as a survey of the architect’s trips abroad based on archival research. The book is the partner publication to Aalto Beyond Finland: Architecture and Design, published in 2015 and launched at the 2nd Alvar Aalto International Seminar in Rovaniemi.